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Online advertising is no longer about generating millions of impressions
It's about how many people actually enter a keyword, start a search, read your site description, click on your link and purchase your product.

So what's in it for you?

Pay for Click marketing

What is "Pay for Clicks"?
(Pay Per Click or PPC)

The Successful Site

There are several search engines which will rank your website according to how much you are prepared to pay them. These are usually set up on a Pay for Click ,or Pay-Per-Click (PPC, basis.

i.e. You pay a set amount of money every time someone searches for keywords or key phrases on which you are bidding and clicks on your link to visit your site. The higher your bid, the higher your site is placed. Sites which work in this way include Overture (formerly called Goto), Espotting, Find What, and now Google's AdWords. Traffic from Pay for Click (Pay per Click or PPC) search engines is very targeted and therefore a client can expect, not only more traffic but much higher conversion rates!

Pay-for-clicks (Pay per Click or PPC) can be a controllable way of marketing your site. We can change your bids up or down at a moment's notice and you can set limits of how much you will pay each month. If no one clicks on your listing, you don't pay a penny, yet your site's entry is still seen by the people using these sites. They soon get to recognize your name thus establishing branding of your company's name and its services.

Why use a Pay-for-clicks management service?Top of Pay per Click

Over all, we have found that using an experienced Internet Marketing Company to manage a campaign will pay for itself in no time. First, you save the learning curve time, but even more so you save money in the learning curve losses. We know which engines will give you the most bang for your buck.

Getting to the top of search engines using pay per click is fast and guaranteed but at the same time it can be time consuming and expensive. Our Affordable Keyword Search Statistics will help you identify high volume related keywords at a fraction of the cost!

Even Pay for Click (Pay per Click or PPC) sites needs website optimization - It's has always been the case that half of a real search engine optimizer's job was in understanding and selecting keywords. Not just obvious keywords, but the real gems that bring the highest ROI. Maximize your return by using the expertise and dedication of Web Maximized.

Our service will actively seek out hundreds or even thousands of highly targeted phrases that result in more visitors at a lower cost. We will monitor, electronically, competitors bid so that you can always stay on top. Each keyword is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to minimize the risk of overbidding.



Online advertising is no longer about generating millions of impressions

Build Targeted Traffic

Target your market with the exact keywords that best describe your business.  Use our Web Demographic services for keyword research to find your market and your niche.

Build Your Brand

Thousands of visitors will view your product name and hundreds will click through to buy your product.  Results from the PPC impressions received , as well as those that click into your site, will grow your business at an expediential rate.

Track Performance

Receive a tracking report on your PPC campaign monthly to show your conversion rate.  Even with our commissions the service more then pays for itself by the  value of the client over the course of a year.

Find New Customers

By targeting the right keywords, PPC will drive a multitude of new clients to your site.  We can bring the business to the table but the site has to sell the visitor.

Increase Sales

PPC drives new clients to the site, your business will be on a continuous growing mode.  We have clients that closed their "brick and mortar" locations because the profit is far greater on the internet.

Generate Leads

PPC sends new traffic to your site which means new e-mail addresses to re-contact and continue to advertise your products to.


In most cases our service will pay for itself in the first month.

  • Pay for Click Set -Up Fee
  • Pay for Click Minimum Starting Budget
$750.00/mo. Minimum budget
 ( you only pay for actual clicks)

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